This is Definitely Not Your Run-of-the-Mill School Bus Road-eo

This is what happens when a bunch of well known and beloved comic strip characters decide to compete as school bus drivers in a School Bus Road-eo, and the results couldn’t be more hilarious.  Read on…

The Comic BUS-strip Road-eo

It was a wonderful day for everyone when well known and beloved comic strip characters came to life and performed their own version of a School Bus Safety Road-eo.
Our travelling School Bus Mart reporter, C. Ted Safelee, travelled to the national site and gave us this first hand (over hand) description:

Popeye was the first to take the wheel while Olive Oyl sat behind him as his slender and professional attendant in a school bus that was aptly named the “Pop N’ Oil” complete with a bus load of students made to look like Wimpy, and hamburger buns hanging off the sides. Unfortunately, they had to be disqualified because of the unsafe conditions of the hamburger buns hanging outside the bus.

Next up was Li’l Abner with his lovely attendant, Daisy Mae, driving their school bus,the “Daisy Dukemobile” which was quickly banned from the competition due to the professional dress policies expected for school bus employees.
Snoop Dog, the comic strip character not the rapper, along with his helper, Lucy, drove their hot “Weiner Wagon” school bus which all the kids loved but the judges purportedly claimed “just didn’t cut the mustard.” Linus filed several objections over his security blanket, and when it became clear that Snoop was not going to win, said philosophically to the expectant crowd, “Wow, that was not an experience to relish.” When he was boo-ed for his remark, he said that they were a sauer crowd.

Mr. Safelee said he was not responsible for these remarks; he was simply reporting what he had heard.

Betty Boop danced her way onto the course, showing up all the male contestants by choosing to drive solo in her “Boop-Boop-Be-Doo Bus.”  Her keen concentration and sharp skills were obvious to all as the crowd hushed at the various intricate events that she deftly maneuvered her way through and then “oohed and aahed” in admiration as she blew passed those tight spots that make grown men cringe! When it was all over, the crowd went wild yelling, “Boo. Boo. Boo.” –  except this time it was obviously not a “sauer crowd.” Hearing an audience cheer by yelling “boo” was an extremely eerie as well as exhilarating experience. Betty Boop bounced off her bus, popped her signature leg up behind her, and blew kisses to her fans as she left them boo’ing her in a steamy frenzy!

As that wonderfully golden orange-yellow hued school bus colored sun set, and the last of the contestants had made their runs, and all the votes were tallied, everyone congratulated each other and agreed that it was a great day, and proclaimed the true winner was the School Bus Industry because the Road-eo is a reflection of all the finely honed skills and attitudes that drivers and attendants use professionally each and every day to ensure that their students, our children, get to and from school safely!


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