School Bus Drivers Summer Job Plans

School Bus Drivers Summer Job Plans    

Some drivers who will not be driving for the summer,  plan on working at other kinds of  jobs.
Some have shared with us their past summer work experiences and the  problems that they faced with them.

I worked in an orange juice factory
but I got canned when I couldn’t concentrate.
Sarah T.

I worked as a lumberjack
but they gave me the axe.
Artie S.

I tried being a tailor
but my work was sew-sew, so they cut me.
Harry B.

I worked in a muffler factory
but it was too exhausting.
Larry W.

I was a deli worker
but any way I sliced it… I just couldn’t cut it.
Michelle R.

I tried a pool company
but the work was too draining.
Frank D.

Betty W. wrote:

I look forward to the fall when
I can take a lot of ”trips” every day,
“steer” clear of trouble,
and keep my eyes on our future.


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