A School Bus Sonnet in Honor of Our School Bus Drivers and What They Face Each Day

Buses being high jacked, drivers being shot, people jumping onto windows and falling off and dying, kids jumping out of buses’ exit doors and dying, tractor trailers running stop signs: the list of horrifying experiences and tragedies do not cease.

In honor of the heroism that school bus drivers display, in memory of those who has lost their lives while carrying out what most perceive as an “easy job”, I offer this small token of appreciation in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet. A poem is an excellent form of tribute for professional school bus drivers who reflect a vast determination, an immense amount of caring, and the keen ability to use humor and good-naturedness to cope with what is a nearly impossible and, often times, thankless and underpaid job

School Bus Sonnet

Who dares to think it’s easy on a bus?
That person has not stepped behind the wheel.
Who says that each day drivers need not cuss
Has not encountered driving’s real deal.

Then watch an 18 wheeler run a light,
Or whilst he’s texting cross the center line.
Have you not heard how a bus driver’s night
Is spent in worries less than is divine?

‘Ere you speak, come meet a driver trainer.
Get certified and start some school bus work.
Guaranteed you’ll not say, “It’s no brainer.”
We’ll chuckle as you’ll start to “twitch and jerk.”

Weeks later if you say you like the bus,
It’s then we’ll know for sure you’re one of us.

Randy Mazie


About The Writer's Village

Randy Mazie blogs on www.thewritersvillage.wordpress.com and www.thewritersvillage.tumblr.com . You can email him at: mail@schoolbusmart.com.
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